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Spire Cleaning – for all your Norwich commercial cleaning needs

Commercial or contract cleaning is private or public sector cleaning delivered by a cleaning company to businesses, education or healthcare facilities and public buildings. Services can include exterior cleaning and maintenance services such as window cleaning, gutter, fascia and roofline cleaning, landscape maintenance and jet washing.

Specialist cleaning is anything outside of the normal day to day routine that requires an additional level of skill to undertake the task. Examples of specialist cleans are:

  • Professional carpet cleaning
  • Hard floor cleaning
  • Machine assisted cleaning
  • High level cleaning
  • Deep cleans

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Cleaning materials we can provide are as follows:

  • Vacuum
  • Cleaning cloths
  • General purpose cleaners & disinfectants
  • Mops/buckets
  • Brooms
  • Floor polishers
  • All PPE and warning signs

We can also provide you with consumable items for purchase, subject to availability, including toilet roll, paper towels, soap and dispensers and sanitisers.

Assuming all quotes are competitive the 5 things that you should be looking for are:

  • Expertise – how well can they demonstrate their craft, do they have testimonials to support this
  • Professionalism – do they hold any certificates or accreditations
  • Absence cover – how do they cover staff illness and staff holidays?
  • Support – How do they ensure their standards are consistently delivered, how do they communicate changes and challenges.
  • Insurance – do they hold the relevant level of public and employee liability insurance

Every contract is individually priced to their own individual schedule. We sense check our prices regularly to ensure they remain competitive. Click here for a free, no obligation quote

A deep clean is an additional, diarised or adhoc clean that is more in depth than regular daily office cleaning. The best way of looking at it is a regular clean is aimed at cleaning any mess created between cleans, a deep clean is more geared towards restoring a premises to its original position and generally includes items not on a regular schedule.

Tasks that can be carried out during a deep clean include:

  • Window/High level cleaning
  • Moving of furniture, appliances & general contents to clean underneath & behind them
  • Professional Carpet and upholstery cleaning
  • Machine cleaning hard floors
  • Wiping down of walls and wall tiles
  • Descaling & sanitising sanitary fittings

It is best practice to regularly review your cleaning arrangements and, if not already doing so, consider the use of a cleaning contractor. A contractor dedicated to the task should provide better and more consistent level of clean. Other benefits of using a cleaning contractor are;

  • Guidance – Cleaning contractors should support their customers in identifying how regularly each area of their premises needs cleaning, with particular focus on high footfall areas and common touchpoints. Cleaning contractors should also support their staff and ensure that they have had sufficient training.
  • Flexibility – The service provided should also offer the flexibility to respond to any short notice requirements or cleaning needs a client may have.
  • Reliability – Professional cleaning contractors must be reliable. They should understand that their customers need them to clean their premises at the agreed times and frequencies. They should be as meticulous about managing cover for sickness or holidays as they are about their cleaning.
  • Trustworthy – Customer security should be a top priority and even more so if a contractor needs to clean when a customer’s premises is vacant. Recruitment policies for cleaning operatives should include additional security checks for safeguarding people, processes and premises.
  • Consistency – Service consistency is also key. Procedures and monitoring systems should ensure that cleaning is done to the same exacting standards during every visit.

We always aim to provide a dedicated team to each contract. In addition each contract has a dedicated supervisor who closely monitors and reacts to sickness and holiday absence.


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