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University, College, Nursery And School Cleaning Services

Cleanliness is essential in educational settings. Our dedicated cleaning staff are trained to work efficiently around busy nursery school, college and university schedules, ensuring a clean and hygienic environment for students and staff.
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School Cleaning Services

Education Cleaning company

Our educational cleaning services cater to schools, colleges, and universities, fostering environments conducive to learning. With a focus on hygiene and sanitation, we ensure that educational facilities remain clean, inviting, and conducive to student success.

Cleaning services

Our day janitors and maintenance support staff are available through either an ‘on-call’ mobile area basis or can be recruited for site-based roles. They ensure that every corner of your educational facility is meticulously cleaned and maintained, ready to welcome students and staff each day.
Faculty office cleaning can be a challenging task with varying staffing levels, shifts, and class schedules. We recruit and manage personnel that operate at various hours as required by your busy schedules, ensuring that faculty spaces remain pristine and conducive to productivity.
A clean classroom is of vital importance to maintaining overall hygiene & wellbeing across the school environment. Particularly in the time of Covid-19, surfaces should be thoroughly sanitised, reducing the opportunity for illness whilst keeping students and teachers safe. Our dedicated cleaning team ensures that every classroom is a safe and inviting space for learning.
Maintain hygiene in vital areas as your students are on their lunch breaks throughout the week. Our cafeteria cleaning services not only ensure cleanliness but also promote a healthy dining environment for students and staff, contributing to their overall well-being.
A clear and effective waste strategy is vital in any school. This is not only good for the environment but essential for educational purposes. Our waste management solutions are tailored to educational institutions, promoting sustainability while maintaining cleanliness and hygiene throughout the premises.
Prior to students returning, our school deep cleaning services will cover all high and low-level surfaces, fixtures & fittings, waste, glazing, external areas, facilities, washrooms, cafeterias and more. During term breaks, our comprehensive cleaning ensures that every corner of the school is thoroughly sanitised and prepared for the return of students and staff.
Maintaining polished flooring can be a challenge for the inexperienced cleaning company as use of the wrong products can present a slip hazard. Our sports facility cleaning services not only focus on cleanliness but also address safety concerns, ensuring that sports facilities are clean, safe, and conducive to physical activities.
Our school carpet cleaning services include the use of extraction machines to remove dirt build-up and residual dirt to carpet fibres, bonnet machines to improve the presentation of large carpeted areas, and steam machines to disinfect and kill off bacteria in high-risk areas (or following outbreaks of illness). Clean carpets contribute to a healthy and comfortable learning environment, enhancing the overall experience for students and staff alike.
We have extensive experience in all aspects of hard and soft floor cleaning for all types of educational facilities. Clean floors not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of educational facilities but also contribute to safety and hygiene standards, providing a clean and comfortable environment for students and staff to walk on.
We provide cleaning maintenance on communal and waste areas, chutes, lift lobbies and reception. External areas such as parks, grounds, glazing, fixtures & fittings can also be attended to. Clean and well-maintained student blocks create a positive impression on students and visitors, contributing to a conducive living and learning environment.
Our mobile and on-site teams are highly trained in internal and external glazing cleaning in all environments. Clean windows not only improve the aesthetic appeal of educational buildings but also allow natural light to enter, creating a bright and uplifting atmosphere for learning and working.
High-level cleaning services are hazardous and require specialist access equipment. We provide the most affordable specialist cleaning in the South-East. High-level cleaning ensures that every part of the educational facility, including hard-to-reach areas, is thoroughly cleaned and maintained, ensuring a safe and hygienic environment for students and staff.
Glazing, cladding, roofing, solar panels and more! Our exterior cleaning services not only enhance the appearance of educational buildings but also contribute to their longevity and durability, ensuring that they remain in optimal condition for years to come.
Covid-19 deep cleaning is a specialist area with a specific requirement to ensure high-risk contact surfaces are adequately sanitised. Our Covid-19 deep cleaning services are tailored to educational institutions, ensuring that every surface is thoroughly sanitised, creating a safe and healthy environment for students and staff.
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Who is it for?

We provide our commercial cleaning services to a variety of educational businesses and organisations. View a few examples below. Don’t see your business or organisation listed? Don’t worry, we probably cover it! Get in touch to find out more.

How much does it cost?

We can work with you on a one-off specialist clean or regular, ongoing contract cleaning services. See information on pricing below.

Regular contract cleaning

For general cleaning our pricing model is simple and clear. You’ll pay per cleaner, per hour. 

One-off specialist cleaning

If you require a one-off or specialist clean, such as high-level cleaning or deep cleaning we will provide a quote for your specific needs.

To get started, simply request a quote and chat with our friendly management team.


Ensuring the safety and security of students is paramount in educational settings. Therefore, all our cleaning staff undergo thorough Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks to verify their suitability for working in schools, colleges, and universities. These checks help to safeguard students and provide peace of mind to educational institutions and parents alike.
Yes, we offer emergency cleaning services for schools, colleges, and universities to address urgent cleaning needs such as spills, accidents, or unexpected messes. Our rapid response team ensures that educational facilities can maintain a clean and safe environment for students and staff at all times.
Absolutely. We understand that schools and educational institutions have unique schedules and operational requirements. Whether you need daily cleaning during term time or periodic deep cleaning during breaks, we can tailor our cleaning schedules to suit your specific needs. Our flexible scheduling options ensure minimal disruption to your academic activities while maintaining a clean and hygienic environment.
We provide cleaning services for a wide range of educational facilities, including primary schools, secondary schools, colleges, universities, academies, and educational centres. Our experienced team is equipped to handle the cleaning needs of various educational environments, regardless of size or complexity.
Yes, we offer deep cleaning services tailored specifically for educational facilities during term breaks, holidays, or other periods of closure. Our term break deep cleans cover all high and low-level surfaces, fixtures, fittings, and common areas to ensure a fresh start for students and staff when they return.

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Kevin Foley
K Foley Ltd (McDonalds)

“We were recommended Spire Cleaning Services when another company let us down at the last minute. James and his team were exceptional and attended quickly, completing the job to an extremely high level. We now use Spire for all our cleaning on new store openings and regular specialised work too.”

epic studios
epic studios

Laura Rycroft
Epic Studios

“Great communication, friendly staff and a great cleaning service. Highly recommend!”

Kezia Burton Ward

“We use Spire Cleaning Services Ltd regularly to provide cleaning of our offices as well as bespoke cleaning when required. They always provide a great service and are easy to communicate with. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a cleaning company.”

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